100 definition by John Smith

Just a guy, with love handels. Adam Molloy apparently fancies him. How odd. Smells quite alot.
Gaw, he smells like a Nombie.
by John Smith April 19, 2005

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when a chick or guy has sucked to much cock that their breathe stinks of some bad cock.
jared,luke.o and sluts and gay fags
by john smith November 26, 2003

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grabbing a woman's vagina with both hands, spreading it wide apart and insert your head into it like a lion tamer.
That girl was so loose I pulled the lion tamer on her with no problem.
by john smith March 30, 2005

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Sex in high Tempratures with Monkeys and Dil-do's
Bob and The Monkey had Hot Monkey Sex
by John Smith May 02, 2003

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a really large pile of crap
"hey i have to go take a turnmire"
by john smith March 21, 2005

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complete domination
He performed a total recall
by john smith October 09, 2003

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A horribly unattractive woman. Of male physical features. Resembles Gimili the troll, a character from the movie, The Lord of the Rings.
The woman we saw was certainly a gimili.
by John Smith September 21, 2003

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