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A sport in which real men drive 800 HP beast, in 110 degree enclosed race cars. Where more than just left turns happen. As spotters help the driver around the race track. notifying the racers.. who is passing them.. where there are cars stopped on a track. or where to go when there's an accident on track. Pit crews Turn out 13-16 second pit stops changing 4 tires with a convetional jack, air wrench and add fuel by using a large gas can that can contain 10 gallons. The use of stereo types like rednecks or Hicks, hillbillies or others were offensive in the 70-80s.. but not today. NASCAR is no longer a Redneck/ Hick sport. And to all who dont like it. Dont bother bashing it. plain and simple. F1 Has its down sides. A carousel of left and right turns... where passing is a rare occasion. Where the pole sitter finishes where he started And never moved a single position in the race. Indy Also makes left hand turns on ovals as well... And thats any better? Its just as boring as you claim NASCAR is. Not to mention its the longest most enduring Venue in any motorsport. 41 weeks a year NASCAR teams prepare, and race. And with only Three breaks a season. Most drivers do over 60 races a season in NASCAR. From racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series, NASCAR Nationwide series, and NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series. Not to mention the lack of traction a stock car can have. AND.. NO DRIVING ASSIST (points fingers at Formula 1) Stock cars have no traction control. Pit speed limiters, stability assist... Nothing. Not even A MPH Gauge or Fuel Gauge. Speed in NASCAR is measured by TIME, and RPM, Fuel is measured by a Fuel Pressure gauge. NASCAR May have its downsides. But People who insult are no better. think twice before you speak. and choose your words carefully.
The coca cola 600 is a 600 mile race at the lowes motorspeedway. Its the longest race in the NASCAR scheduel. The race can take up to 6 hours. and The drivers physical states are pushed to the limit. Hydration is a major factor in NASCAR. Just ask Matt Kenseth. Point is. It takes real men to drive a vehicle that you have no control over and to race in that vehicle for 4 hours in a 110 degree racecar is true endurance.
by Joe1680--077794 May 26, 2008

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