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A very spicy type of jerky. So hot that it feels like a car is smashing into your face.
Hey Bill, do you have any of that carwreck jerky left?
by Joe Shmo March 15, 2005
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The act of making something suck, on purpose.
I have to suckify these assets to make them fit with the limited resources we have.
by Joe Shmo September 17, 2003
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String Between Cans.
A primitive form of communication.
A reference to a major telecommunications company whose origins include the words Southwestern and Bell.

Also "Sodomized By Cowboys" having to do with the Texas based corporate headquarters and the company's tendancy to screw the employees.
I tried to make a phone call, but the connection was so shitty that I figured that I must have been using an SBC connection. When I called to complain, some horse fucker said it must me my own hardware.
by Joe Shmo November 18, 2003
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