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1. A thing in which the nerds and social rejects of the world come to join one another in the fine arts of accusing someone of being a "FUCKING H4X0R FAG" or saying "I OWN YOU", all while masked by the anonymity that is the internet.

2. An activity in which, should its contents are taken with a grain of salt, can provide endless hours of happiness.
Nothing like firing up some CS:Source and spraying some offensive logos to watch the hardcore gamer's responses.
by Joe Millionare November 27, 2004
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Yet another term for semen, cum, jizz, man custard, or what have you.
I whipped up a spoonful of DNA Pudding for that cute little bitch at the party.

A mouthful of cock makes the pudding go down!
by Joe Millionare December 06, 2004
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The most awsome Friackin Person In the world;The owner of Strong Badia
Put that freakin sandwich down
by Joe Millionare September 04, 2003
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