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When you are getting a blow job and you reach over her back and fingerbang her from over the top, coming in from behind. You must use the butt crack to cradle your wrist and/or forearm.
I was getting head from this slob the other day, so I fucked around and gave her a boomatang to even things out.
by Joe Cooler March 02, 2006

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When an otherwise slim girl has a belly that is large, square, and somewhat hard, resembling that of which you would expect a soldier butting up to a machine gun to have.
Jesus, check out that bartender's Machine-gunner Belly over there. Makes me want to puke on my dick.
by Joe Cooler August 31, 2006

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The act of eating. Verb
telephone call
'What are you doing?'

Not much, just got back from Knawing Pork at IHOP with the wife and ready to house some beers.
by Joe Cooler September 01, 2006

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The act of drinking a lot of something.
I can't wait for vacation. I am just gonna toss my head back, and just yick skiis for a week straight.
by Joe Cooler September 01, 2006

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