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According to Lian Cartman from South Park, it's when you contort yourself into a pretzel and allow someone to give you oral pleasure in, on and around your sphincter.
SHEILA: What did my son say Mr. Mackie? Did he say the S-woid?

MR. MACKIE: No, it was worse than that.

SHEILA: The F-woid?

MR. MACKIE: Well here’s a short list of the things your kids've been saying, m’kay?

SHARON MARSH: Oh dear God!

SHEILA BROFLOVSKY: What the heck is a "rimjob"?

LIAN CARTMAN: Oh, why that’s when you put your legs behind your head and have someone lick your ass!
by Jinzo January 16, 2005

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evil time lord that resembles a elf and prefers a bow
look the hell out it's khronox... he's gonna stop time, oh no's!
by Jinzo April 16, 2005

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A guardian to the light, and master of games! HOO HA!
wow, i just got owned by Jinzo in soul calibur 2...
by Jinzo April 16, 2005

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