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American with parents of Indian heritage and resides in America.
Raj is an Indomarican because his parents were born in India.
by JimmyJohn's January 20, 2010

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darren is a really sweet, funny, and ethnically ambiguous guy (black on paper, white in person). he gives off algerian frat boy vibes but can be mistaken for moroccan. he has a way with words, a charismatic way of speaking, and an unforgettable laugh. you can catch him smoking, painting, or milly rocking when he feels stressed or wants to hype his friends up. gets huge fomo ("are you guys hanging out without me again?") not only is he an exceptional leader, but he also has a humongous dong. he also has an intense foot fetish
"ugh, that dude is SUCH a darren" -karyn
by JimmyJohn's November 24, 2019

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