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A day made up by card companies to sell more cards in June.
Boss: Right Card sales are low in June we need a new holiday to sell cards... We've already got Mother's Day so lets jump on the equality band wagon and make FATHER'S DAY!!!
echo chamber:Excellent idea sir.
by Jimmy the Pyromaniac April 11, 2009
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Some guys like guys and some guys like gals and some guys... well some guys just like Scooters.

(see bike-sexual)
Girl: I thought he was into me until he showed me all two-hundred pics of him and his scooter.... Now I know he's Scooter-Sexual
by Jimmy the Pyromaniac March 10, 2009
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Pulling a James is where you do a protest in some rediculous way.
Guy 1: That bitch stole my seat.
Guy 2: What are you going to do?
Guy 1: I'll pull a James... maybe I'll sit on a the floor
by Jimmy the Pyromaniac January 15, 2009
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