2 definitions by Jimmy Marrvelous

Having sex with hookers, with the explicit hope of contracting the sexually transmitted disease commonly referred to as “crabs” (pubic lice).
"After the fight, I spent the whole week crab fishing without telling her, but I got nothing. Maybe next season."
by Jimmy Marrvelous May 29, 2005
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Conning someone into speeding to divert the attention of highway patrol men away from you. This delicate ruse is executed by pretending to race and subsequently lose to a total stranger. This decoy will then excessively speed to bolster their victory over you and thus lessen your chances of being pulled over for your own modest speeding. This person has been toe-holed.
"I hear there's a gank of cops around here. You better toe-hole that lame Celica."
by Jimmy Marrvelous May 29, 2005
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