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A condition resulting from the disease that effects the brain in its ability to descern talent. Its effects make people follow their idol even after they are totally washed up (they aren't good at what they do anymore). Causes of this disease are unknown and there is no cure.
Dude, that guy still listens to new Springstein albums? He's totally got fandomitis!
by Jimbopo June 08, 2009
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Touring Japan and mimicing its entire culture.
Last week we got so hung over when we went Japaning.
by Jimbopo February 04, 2010
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Sweeping the street with a broom. Usually done by angry citizens who can't stand the lazy audacity of the city to let shit pile up for years.
Guy: "Sorry I'm late; I can't back out of my driveway anymore because of all the shit in the road so I had to do a little street sweeping."
by Jimbopo February 04, 2010
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