3 definitions by Jim Blink

To run around in a circle on the floor laughing excessively.
See The Simpsons when Homer runs in a circle on the floor going "woop woop woop". Now imagine the same thing with laughter. ROFLCOPTER!
entension of: Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
by Jim Blink September 25, 2006
The most manly thing anyone can possess. Also used as a comical description of a penis.
I have an itchy wing wang, I hope I haven't cought a nasty dick sickness.
by Jim Blink October 25, 2006
A word often used in online games, such as Counterstike and other first person shooters (FPS). It is used to describe the action of dominating another player or players. Often misspelt as "0wnz0red" or "Pwnz0red" by the "lite" players.
Counter terrorist: OMFG, I totally like ownzored like 1/2 your team!! ROFLCOPTER!

Terrorist: STFU n00b!
by Jim Blink September 27, 2006