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To get sucked and fucked in one session.
Lori can't wait to get licked and dicked tonight, so she's on the prowl!!!
by Jillina March 23, 2013

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When someone smells their significant other all over to see if they've been cheating (coming home with another man's cologne or woman's perfume on them). Can also mean when your dog senses you've been around other dogs- they will give you a "sniff down" when you come home.
Heidi gave Steven a sniff down when he got back from the bar last night.
by Jillina March 26, 2013

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When a stripper non-chalantly saunters around the stripper pole as they are preparing to begin their sexy dance. They often do this with a bored look on their face, as if they are just 'moseying' around....
I was at Choice last night, and saw Alisa doing her typical 'stripper mosey'....
by jillina July 17, 2010

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A lie used to buy time until you can tell the truth.
No, we're not having a surprise party for your birthday.
(this is a temporary lie to buy time and throw the person off the trail of a birthday party.)
by Jillina November 19, 2007

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