3 definitions by Jhonny Mackarena

a Johnny is a man with unbelievably sized balls, he is so hot and any girl would want to do him, every word that comes out of his mouth is as juicy as his lips. he will be your sugar daddy or a romantic snack.
Girl 1"There is Jhonny, looking as sexy as ever."

Girl 2"Hey, his my sugar daddy"
by Jhonny Mackarena March 09, 2021
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peppa is an internet icon, she is so pretty that her daddy pig falls for her, when she snorts it is a beautiful sound that ignight a small fire in everymans heart, especially gorgie pig. she is tiktok famous and gets her acrylic nails done at bueaty and spa nail salon. her daddy pig and mummy pig are secratly divored though.
theres Peppa Pig!
is she making out with daddy pig?
by Jhonny Mackarena March 09, 2021
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