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When you allow someone nice to get a little handsy because you feel sorry for them and their limited groping opportunities.
Henry is such a nice guy and I feel bad that he doesn't get any action. I permitted the hello hug to evolve into a light Mercy Grope last night just to throw the guy a bone.
by Jezebel Vandersnatch & Brett September 12, 2009

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A man bouquet is what you have when you are surrounded by a group of foine, well-built, well-dressed, good-smellin', Jedi-hot, dreamy, wickedly smart, witty, talented, handy, willing to please men that all want YOU.
1. Candy looked around and suddenly realized that she had a tasty Man Bouquet at her disposal.

2. This dress is gonna attract me some serious Man Bouquet tonight.
by Jezebel Vandersnatch & Brett September 02, 2009

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