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someone obssessed with the Bible. Not always a bad thing, but commonly looked down upon in today's society.
Man 1: Did you see Joe? He is such a religaholic!
Man 2: Why? What did he say?
Man 1: He tried to tell me how to get to heaven and about Jesus Christ.
Man 2: And you think that's bad?
Man 1: Not you, too!!!
by Jesus Loves You February 19, 2006
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Music that tries to be different than any other music while somehow managing to sound like every other indie rock song out there.
It's not that I don't listen to indie rock. All my friends are obsessed with it, and I just can't stand it. It all sounds so whiny and I don't know why. Backtrack instead of fastforward....discover something new that's old!!!! Losers like indie.
by Jesus loves you March 20, 2006
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Someone following the beliefs taught in the King James Bible. In no way related to Catholicism, AT ALL! It is not a protestant religion in the fact that protestants come from the catholic church as seperatists. The baptists are the first church started (I. E.- John the Baptist). Believe in salvation by prayer and the Lord's forgiveness, not works. Commonly stick to themselves, buy occassionaly form alliances (I. E.- world Baptist Association.
Man 1: What faith are you?
Man 2: Baptist.
Man 1: Oh, so you're protestant?
Man 2: No! I'm Baptist!!!
by Jesus Loves You February 19, 2006
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