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DeVilliers is an Afrikaans boys name that is commonly known to be a surname, however in South African culture this name is also quite common as a first name. It is derived from Huguenot French who settled in the cape of South Africa and historically it is associated with people who display qualities such as stamina, artistic ability, individualism, a sense of independence, a high regard for personal and political freedom, humour, joyfulness and ingenuity. DeVilliers is abbreviated to DV in a less formal use of this name.
"No, DeVilliers is not his surname, its his first name!"
"Thats weird, I didn't know that DeVilliers could be a first name"
"Yup, well know you know"

Also in common vernacular
"Hey DV, lets go for a drink?"
by JesWithOneS May 29, 2009