3 definitions by Jerry Garcia

Phrase to be used in addition to or replacement of "needing to take a shit", or used to express extreme disappointment,angst, anger, or frustration.
1. I almost "dubya'd" my pants!
2. I need to take a healthy Bush.
3. Oh-Bush lookout!
4 Bush happens!
5. He thinks his Bush doesn't stink!
6. What's this Bush?
7. What a load of Bush!
8. Your in deep Bush!
9. I'm up Bush creek without a paddle!
10.Whats that Bush on your pantleg?
11.Bush head.
12.Your full of Bush!
by Jerry Garcia August 27, 2005
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A nickname your Jewish mom has for your head
Send me pics of your beautiful keppi with your nice new hat on!
by Jerry Garcia February 2, 2019
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Fatty from KC whos cooler than buttered toast
Pudge is my Jesus
by Jerry Garcia December 6, 2003
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