2 definitions by Jerry Farr

A truly awesome person, often blinds people with awesomeness if looked directly at. Considered highly explosive.
Wow that dude's so awesome it hurts my eyes, he must be an Inigo!
by Jerry Farr April 16, 2015
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i) Abbreviation for the name Thomas, usually okay guy.
ii) Jerkwad who has a stupid ass name and will act like your friend but then start being a dick but do it in a manipulative way so all your other friends think he is a cool guy and you only dislike him because you are stupid and petty.
Guy: Does Thom have to be there, he tried to stab me that one time?
Guy ii: What do you mean Thom is an okay guy you just have to let go.
by Jerry Farr July 12, 2017
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