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Cocaine but in a blunt. You can do this 2 ways. You can crush up all the coke and put it in a wrap and just have straight up 1 gram of cocaine In the blunt or take some powder and throw it in on the cannabis that’s already in your blunt. Gets you gone asl.
Person 1: yo I got half G of some cha left
Person 2: I have a roll up and like a .8 of OG here
Person 1: let’s roll up a cocaine blunt

Person 2: bet
by Jermyinstereo July 24, 2021
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Awesome game has mycareer, play now mode, blacktop, and much fucking more. The game has Paul George on the cover unless you get the legend edition it has Kobe. U get a poster, a controller skin, and a Kobe card physically and you get digital stuff in game. The game has better graphics, good story line, just a great game better then 16.
Guy 1: yo u gettin NBA 2k17?
Guy 2: yah I preordered legend edition that shit looks lit!
by Jermyinstereo October 02, 2016
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Nappy hair also known as Afro textured hair. Dry, waterproof, and hated by most. I have nappy hair and I can't even comb.
When I was washing my daughters nappy hair the water just fell off.
by Jermyinstereo May 14, 2016
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Crushed up Xanax into powder form or found in a lab before pressing. Good for snorting or smoking and adding too your blunts, joints, and bowls. Also good for drinks. I personally like to snort them the most. I snort about 9 Xanax lines a day.
“I’m about too snort my 90th xan today! I love Xanax powder !!!
by Jermyinstereo July 24, 2021
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