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An ass so fine you smack the air. Da Vinci culo. A truly pulchritudinous posterior.
I mean Rita, she all right, but Nancy got spectaculass.
by Jereboam November 17, 2010
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Most commonly a hybrid organism comprised of half moose, half donkey. After the death of his father, a moose from the Nonwath clan of Canada, then shortly after his mother, a Trishnak donkey, he left Doosemonkeyland hoping to find a herd in which to settle. The dichotomy was too much. Moose? Donkey? Which was best, and did he belong in either clan? Having been rejected in Canada by the Nonwath Moose, then in New Mexico by the Trishnak Donkeys, he fled to seclusion in upstate South Carolina. There he began a quest which led to the mudlands of Barrier Island. Sinking in the rich clay, he snorted to the sky for help, but none came. If there was a God, which species would he be? Could he love this bispecial beast? Just before his nostrils sucked in the sludge, he somehow worked himself free and clambered onto shore. Hungry, lonely, scared, he made his way to the edge of the sea. Staring at the horizon he realized he'd reached his goal. In search of truth he'd found only himself. Doose Monkey.

Also a synonym for spectaculass, or a really nice ass.
In the heart of Doose Monkey is Doosemonkeyland.

Holy shit, look at the doose monkey on that bitch.
by Jereboam November 17, 2010
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A girl/woman who from behind gives the impression of spectaculass or fineness, but, having turned around, is actually ugly as shit. From the penthouse to the basement, she's a ground floor bitch.
Was watching this girl for fifteen minutes, walk my ass over there, and damn if she ain't a ground floor bitch!
by Jereboam November 17, 2010
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The feeling you get after smoking some particularly paranoia-inducing drug. Can also be used to describe footage produced by hallucinogens.
Shit, cracka, I got a bad case of the ankle biting bunnies.
by Jereboam November 13, 2010
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