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When a woman gives a man a blowjob, and just before climax, she walks away. The man then follows her, waddling with his pants around his ankles, begging her to come back.
The bastard pissed me off, so I gave him a penguin.
by Jenny Bear December 09, 2004
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A female, usually possessing saggy tits, a flat ass, and an ugly face, and feels she has something to prove by fucking anything with two legs or batteries. She will try to sleep with your boyfriend with no success, and when she enters a room, it clears out most efficiently, due to the smell of rotting fish. Desperate, horny guys are her prey of choice, but she occasionally with settle for another slut bag to ensure that she's still the topic of discussion by the people she percieves to be her friends, but who in reality, like her as much as they'd enjoy a bout of gonnoreah. Guys who have slept with her won't own up to it, unless they're making fun of her, and were really tanked at the time of social suicide. Her best attributes can only be seen when beer goggles are an understatement. Beware to all, for the slut bag is everywhere, and the only warning of her approach is the stench of STD's and other vial smelling things, such as the trap that lays between her legs. Ye be 'fore warned.
"What the fuck is that stank?... Oh FUCK! Here comes that slut bag!... RUN!!!"
by Jenny Bear December 10, 2004
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Is an irritation of the ass hole, which may consist of burning and/or cracking of the epithelium itself; may cause bleeding of the hole, and watering of the eyes, and also hemorrhaging in and around the hole itself. This can be caused by acidic fluid making its way through the bowels and exiting in a manner of urgency, or in a squirting/spraying manner. Other contributing factors may include prolonged childbirth, or rough/unlubed anal sex. Symptoms include walking funny, and the inability to wipe after use of the washroom. Therapies for a ring of fire include ointments containing anti-inflammatories, ice, and donut shaped pillows.
"I'll never eat Taco Bell again. I won't be able to sit for a week with this ring of fire!"

"If I knew he was into that, I wouldn't have went out with him. Damn this ring of fire hurts!"
by Jenny Bear March 18, 2005
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