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Losing an enormous amount of personal property to the point where someone cannot even take items with him/her out to a club because it is excessively clear that he/she will lose them.
Dude, that guy is a complete P2! He lost 5 iPhones, his debit card and $800 in different foreign currencies in a month! Not to mention his dignity...

Yo, you'd better leave your phone at my apartment - I'm pretty sure you're gonna pull a P2 tonight.
by Jellyrockstar December 14, 2011
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Short for "Gang Rape Dungeon". A scary bar or club that is seedy and filled with society's "leftovers" at the end of a night. May involve a perilous escape and the the contracting of a variety of communicable diseases without even making contact with anyone.
Dude that place last night was a total GRD - the only light was either the DJ's computer's glowing apple logo or the end ember of a disgusting home rolled Drum cigarette.

:: Dan sits down on a couch in a GRD :: GREAT! Now you've got herpes...
by Jellyrockstar June 20, 2012
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