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still no flying cars. We have to settle for Segways instead...
in 2012 the internet will end the world.
by jellybene January 23, 2004

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-U.S.A.'s weapon of mass deception towards those who'd rather not choose a candidate they disagree with. If Hitler and Stalin ran for president some voters would choose Hitler because he's a more dynamic speaker and killed fewer people.
-A process in which, if you don't participate, you are considered unpatriotic, lazy, ignorant, apathetic, and morally unsound despite the fact that voting for a candidate isn't a black or white issue.
-an illusion of power to the people
-something that Chingy, Puff Daddy, Christina Aguilera tell you it's imperative to do (but don't do themselves), and by not telling for whom you should vote they've rendered their arguments inane.
a-I'm not going to vote.
b-WHAT? it's your duty to vote!
a-How is it my right and my duty at the same time?
b-if you don't vote you have no right to complain
a-last time I checked, if you don't vote for a candidate you have every right to complain if they mess up!
b-You need to get out there and vote...make a difference!
a-Okay, who should I vote for?
b-I'm not going to make that choice for you...vote for who you want, but get out there and vote.
a-If it's imperative for me to vote then you must tell me for whom I should vote. If it doesn't matter who I vote for then it doesn't matter if I vote. Voting itself has no inherent value. Ignorant and apathetic nonvoters are better than ignorant and apathetic voters!
by jellybene November 03, 2004

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reflective display technology consisting of millions of microcapsules containing negative/positively charged white and black beeds. Printed circuitry allows for an electronic display that is as easy to read as paper, consumes significantly less power and is cheaper to produce than many of today's displays, and can be printed on numerous surfaces -- even flexible ones! this technology may revolutionize the print industry in the very near future.
Hey, how come that magazine only has 2 pages?
Why, it's made of e-ink dear!
by Jellybene January 02, 2006

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