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When a company pays people to advertise a product by singing its praises in highly unlikely situations. The attempt is to make the product look more important than it actually is. In reality, people can see though the lie and tend to hate the company for it.
Subway has a commercial featuring a bunch of people singing about it's $5 foot long subs. This is a "Manufactured Sensation" because no one in their right mind would gather a church quire to sing about sandwich.
by Jeffsback2223 June 18, 2009
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Similar to a doujin, a fanbook is an unofficial art or comic book, created by a fan of any game, show or cartoon. Usually these fanbooks are created for Japanese anime and depict hentai themes.
If you go to an Anime convention, be sure to pick up some fanbooks.
by Jeffsback2223 September 06, 2009
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