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A girl is jonesing for a bonesing when she has been deprived of sex, is desperate for male attention, and/or is simply a slut looking to get boned on any given night by any given dude. Girls that are JFAB are easily taken down by almost any guy after a few drinks and not saying anything too wild that would mess up your outstanding, essentially assumed chances.
Broski: "Dude did you take that chick to pound town last night after the bar?"

Standard Dude: "You know it. Basically talked to her for a minute or two before last call and she said we should go back to her place after I passed the "test" of remembering her name."

Broski: "Haha legit. She was clearly jonesing for a bonesing."
by JeffSpicoli February 07, 2011
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Bukkake turns occur when skiing or snowboarding very deep powder, resulting in a face-shot of powder at every turn as snow is kicked up by the skis or board. Each turn leaves the skier essentially blind and their face covered in the white stuff.
After getting the first chair up on the most legit powder day of the year, it was first tracks and bukkake turns all the way down.
by JeffSpicoli February 07, 2011
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