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Slang: Anything that a right winger doesn't like.

Actual: An economic system in between capitalism and communism, advocating collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods.
The national highway system is an example of socialism.

That atheist socialist Hussein wants to impose Sharia Law and gay marriage on America!
by JeffGannon February 02, 2012
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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th POTUS. Considered to be a devotee of Christian Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a Kenyan Muslim and a Godless Socialist, who spends all his time apologizing to terrorists.

Obama's mother mysteriously flew from her home in Hawaii over to Africa to give birth, but presciently knew he would run for President, so she ran baby announcements in two Hawaii newspapers, then snuck a fake birth certificate into a hospital. Obviously.
Obama socialism:
* supporting Wall Street investment banks.
* ObamaCare causing Americans to use private health insurance.

Obama Muslim-ness:
* drinking Obama beer.
* protecting women's access to birth control.
* supporting gay marriage.

Obama kowtowing:
* resuming and completing the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden.
* killing more Al Qaeda members (via drone strikes) in 3 years than Bush did in 7.
by JeffGannon September 13, 2012
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The Affordable Care Act limits insurance premiums and mandates personal coverage. It's basically identical to RomneyCare, enacted by Mitt Romney in 2006.

The mandate was originally proposed in the 1990s by Newt Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation, as a free market response against Hillary Clinton's plan.
ObamaCare is RomneyCare.

ProTip: If it's based on for-profit insurance companies, it's not "socialized medicine".
by JeffGannon August 31, 2012
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