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Only people who have guages recieve this gift.
When the plugs, tapers, etc. are taken out a gunky substance surrounds it. It usually looks clear/whitish and is a collection of vaseline, lube, dead skin cells, blood (sometimes), and smells like bigfoots dick after he sodomized a beaver. It accumulates after weeks of not cleaning them. And is a great way to piss people off by sticking it under neath their nose.
"While at the food court with friends, Jeff took his guages out for the first time in 2 weeks and wiped his ear spoog underneath his friends nose, which soon made his gag non-stop."
by Jeff from SD June 21, 2008
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A mexican tattoo is when you take a person and throw a rope around his neck, then you take that rope and tie it to your saddle. You slap the horse on the ass and put a strain on the neck. Once he gasps you take the spur on your boot and place it on his neck all while pushing your heel back piercing him with the spur.
I gave that asshole a mexican tattoo, now he'll think twice before stealing from me!
by Jeff from SD June 23, 2008
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Stems from straight-edge, but edge people are those who dont drink or do drugs but will occasionally have sex and smoke cigs. Pretty much practically the fucking bitches who just choose to make straight-edge a trend and not an actual lifestyle. They usually do this so they can label themselves as something and when they hit 21 will quit because they can buy alcohol. There all posers.
"Eric has such a problem with commitment that he chose to be edge than straight-edge. He also does it because he cant fit in with any other crowd."
by Jeff from SD July 10, 2008
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