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The lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the pop-punk emo outfit, Brand New. Known for his bitter lyrics that appear on Brand New's first full length, Your Favorite Weapon (2000), as well as his deeper, more despondent stories told on Deja Entendu (2003). Jesse is also best friends with John Nolan (ex- Taking Back Sunday singer /guitarist /songwriter, current Straylight Run singer /guitarist /keyboardist /songwriter) and he makes references to this friendship, or at one point, lack thereof, in the song Seventy Times Seven.
Jesse Lacey is a Great Songwriter. Great Voice. He changed the music scene.
by Jeff S October 02, 2005
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Defined as a gaseous or sometimes solid emission orgionating and blown from the anus that causes an adverse reaction from anyone in the vicinity. See Fart, or Bust Ass.
"Bobby was flatulent that night and scared away the ladies."
by Jeff S November 09, 2003
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