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Usually Known Simply As ELO,
One Of The Greatest Bands To Emerge From The 70's.Fusing Guitars, Moog And Cello's Later using full Orchestration and Choral Effects. Started to suck though by the 'Discovery',Xanadu Period,Although They Made Amends in 1981 with the fantastic album 'Time'
The Electric Light Orchestra Were Really Innovative
Just Listen To Mr Blue Sky A clever Band.
by Jeff Lynne May 02, 2006

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A Kick Arse Song By ELO
One of the Greatest Tracks from the 1970's
Taken From the Bands Last Great Album Out Of The Blue
Mr Blue Sky sums up ELO at their peak.
by Jeff Lynne May 02, 2006

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Joke name For Elton John The Wig Wearing Homo Piano Player.He also Hates Roses on his Piano,
He much Prefers Tu-Lips on his Organ.
The Queen Of Mince!
Q.Whats Brown and plays the Piano?
A.Elton Mince!
by Jeff Lynne May 02, 2006

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The Greatest Football Tournament in the World
32 of the world's Greatest teams(arguably)fight it out for two weeks every four years
Brazil have lifted the Trophy on 4 occasions
The greatest football fans in the world go to see the World Cup. unfortunately so do the English Hooligans
by Jeff Lynne June 09, 2006

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