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a political group that holds certain views or beliefs, and tries to attain or maintain there party in power of the U.S. Government.

Democrat Views- (Liberal or Social Liberalism), Pro-Choice(choice of abortion), Pro-Gay Marriage(Gay Marriage Being Legal),Pro-Universal Health Care, Separation of Church and State, Strong Civil Liberties, Social Progressivism, Cultural Pluralism, Government ensuring of Positive Rights (Government providing education, health car ect.), Anti-Socialism, Mixed Economy, Stricter Gun Control, More Government Intervention, Limited Government Economy, Anti-Corporate Welfare, Diplomacy over Military Action, Stem Cell Research,Environmental Protection, Pro-Welfare

Republican Views- More economic freedom, Connection of Church and State, Social Conservatism, Anti-Universal Health Care, Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Abortion, Raising Tax's to balance Budget, Tax-Cuts, Pro-Tortue on Suspected Terrorists, Anti-Affirmitave Action, Pro-military spending, Anti-Welfare

Liberal Criticisms- Gay Marriage is against God, Abortions kill the unborn, Stem Cell research supports abortion, The constitution says that people are allowed to Bare-Arms, Unpatriotic, Dont pay attention to Illegal immigration, They want to change health care regulation

Conservative criticism- Think religion should be mixed in with government, Don't pay attention to the environment, Care more about the unborn the the already living, Care about the unborn so much, they would go against stem-cell research, which could substantially help the already living, Give criminals easy access to fire arms, give tax refunds that help the wealthy but not the middle or lower class, Support government getting in to citizens private lives, teach Abstinence-only sex education which is unrealistic, Supports foreign aggression more than they should
George Bush is a member of the republican political party, he is against gay marriage and abortion

Al Gore is a member of the democratic political party, he supports the environment
by Jeff Roz October 19, 2008

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