Mixed Economy is an economy that includes a variety of private and public control, reflecting characteristics of both capitalism and socialism.
ALL so called capitalist countrys are in fact mixed economies

the usa is a good example of this since it has always been considered capitalist but in fact has been a mixed economy since at least frederick roosevelts time.why well it has had big gov,public ownership of education,security,public funding of the private sector(as proven by noam chomsky),etc

china is another good example of mixed economy as it is often considered either communist or capitalist but like usa is also a mixed economy.

it is also necessary to know that capitalism and socialism have collapsed and failed in the first and second worlds and only exist in third world countrys

it is also important to know that while mixed economy does gain the good of both systems it also can inherit the bad
such as corrupt gov and bureacracy from both systems.heavy gov control from socialism.high crime and private control from capitalism,etc

so far even with its down sides mixed economy has proven to be the most efficient system the world has seen so far.unfortunatly it is often labeled and thought of as capitalism(IT IS NOT!) by right(mostly) and left wing groups not to mention the media.

as a personal thought it seems interesting how alot of misinformed people believe the bs the media propagates and i highly plead with you the reader to spread the word of mixed economy and debunk this bullshit belief that the first world is capitalist.no it is not!.
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