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the act of cleaning onesself using only paper or other dry materials, avoiding any contact with water and soap, dry bathing rarely occurs, but its been known to happen in certain places in winnipeg. originated in 2004 and its unnamed inventor still swears by this technique today.
you smell is toxic, have you been dry bathing again?
don't be so cheap and just use water and soap instead of taking a dry bath.
you reek of uncleanliness, have you been playing too much cs, and been taking dry baths once a month.
by jeenyus April 05, 2005
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(Rectom Bulldozer) A women spreads her walls while a man in a hard hat runs at her full speed in to ze puss.
*whoo whoo* *becky* OW!!!...oh, do it again brad
by Jeenyus June 04, 2004
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