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aka: B-FieLd or the Fields. The 'ghettos' of Bergen COunty- the men: strong, tough, and can outdrink anyone you know and the Ladies are tough, witty, can outdrink anyone you know, and easily steal your boyfriend- just as easily as we stole the Hollister shirts we're wearing. We don't act hard because of the fact that we are 10 minutes away from the city- and more inner-city residents send their kids to our high school, or because every party ends in a fight-- but we act hard because we literally could kick the shit outta any other town around. We carry our Coach bags proudly- probably because they are fake- and we look forward to running into those "Dousche-mont" kids and New Milford losers at our 7-11 or "Club Wendy's". Deep down, we're hated.. but it's only because they wish they were us. Tenafly- with their preppy outfits, and new Mercedes cars, and Old Tappan- which is a wannabe Tenafly- ain't got shit on us. So, yes, maybe there are more Phillipinos living under one roof than you have living on your whole block- but we represent the dirty Jersey to the fullest- and what would Bergen County be without its' projects?
Yo, I went to that party in Bergenfield, and I was scared for my life-- there were Phillipinos everywhere and most of the kids had guns.
by Jean-Benet May 02, 2006
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