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A Large turd that stretches out the asshole. These can cause bleeding if big enough. Ass breakers come from not eating enough fiber or a constipation disease.
Joe: Why are your pants stained red?
Bob: UUUGGH I just had an ass breaker in the bathroom.
Joe: Sucks for you.
by Jdeoxys October 31, 2010

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Old piss is a name given to piss left in a toilet for too long and stinks up the whole bathroom. May range from dark yellow to nearly brown. Port-o-potties have this in the storage tanks along with shit. Alternatively, old piss can mean evaporated piss used in terrorist pipe bombs.
1. Dude, flush that old piss, it has stank up the whole room.

2. Put dat old piss in da pipe!! ALLAH AKBAR!!!!
by Jdeoxys November 02, 2010

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