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A one legged horse, that lives in the Amazon Rain Forest. It dwells in caves below the moist ground of the rainforest feeding on mostly roots and worms. The Neon Afro Horse is believed to be a myth but sightings and photographs of it when it emerges in the spring prove the myth to be a reality. The blood of the Neon Afro Horse is neon colored. If the blood is harvested from the horse it can provide everlasting life. The only way to kill the Neon Afro Horse is to shave off its Afro. Once its Afro is shaven it looses its Neon Blood and falls helplessly to the ground. The population of the Neon Afro Horse is abundant but recent numbers have declined do to poaching.
A one legged horse with an Afro (mostly brown though albinos do exist) instead of hooves it has toes. The blood of the horse is neon, which is the equivalent of drinking from the fountain of youth or holy grail.

Neon Afro Horse!
by Jbobfern November 23, 2009
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