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Originating from Bathurst, NB, this is a sloppy French version for can I help you. Excellent for answering the phone at work or even at home. People will not understand the catchy but grammatically incorrect nonsense coming out of your mouth.

Pronunciation: sh-poo-day-day (at a fast speed combining the phrase into 1 word)
Darin- "oui allo, this is Darin speaking shpoo aider?"

Jordan- "Whaaat!?"
by Jbellzy May 17, 2007

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Originating from the character Randy from "Trailer Park Boys" it is usally a nickname deemed on someone who is being annoying our getting on your nerves. Mostly associated with phrases that involve fighting with your pants off, eating cheese burgers, and wearing no shirts while having an oversized gut.
"Put a fucking shirt on Randy"
"Oh no Randy is getting serious, gonna take his pants off soon"
"Why don't you go have another cheeseburger Randy"
OR straight up
"Fuck off Randy"
by JBellzy May 28, 2007

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