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n. when you are pretty sure that the ratty, smelly, stain-covered couch that you got from a yard sale or found left out on the curb was the true culprit in getting some random girl pregnant, instead of your own fertile loins.
I don't know what Crystal is talking about! I never laid a hand on her! That pregnancy must be the result of an immaculate couchception!!
by Jayson J August 03, 2010
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snow + protocol = snowtocol

the formal assessment of embarassment/obligation at seeing your neighbor shoveling his driveway which inspires/guilts you into getting off your ass to shovel your own.
wife: "honey, the thompsons have been slaving out in the cold for an hour now....don't you think...."

husband: "what's the snowtocol on this one??? 'cause i'd rather just finish my hot pocket and this episode of 'weeds.'"
by Jayson J February 10, 2010
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an assessment of someone's intelligence based on the statuses and comments they contribute on facebook. This takes into account spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also, depth of topic and tone can be considered.
I am surprised that Sally only got a 900 on her SAT's! I always thought she was smart. Well, at least, facebook smart.
by jayson j June 13, 2010
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