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what you hear when a very nasally sounding person or someone with a really weird accent is attempting to say the word(s) cockwhore
ya friggin cackwhore, waddya do that for HEH?
by JayD//- November 07, 2003
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a term used in describing a brown male with, rather than pectoral muscles, has extremely flappy man-boobs. also, meatflaps is good in describing.
boobinder stay the hell away from us u little freak
by JayD//- October 15, 2003
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a term used when describing a girl who is extremely hairy, especially on the back (which looks like a bearded back). This name has been given to disturbingly hairy girls.
hey it's prabhjot! or should i say.. BACKBEEEEEEEEEEEEEARD
by JayD//- October 15, 2003
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A word from the Filipino language Tagalog, it is in essence a racist word which describes almost all Brown races (such as punjabi, sikh, etc.)
Those damn bumbais came into the club, lets jus leave.
by JayD//- October 05, 2003
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