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Abbreviation: O.V. The coolest place to live in Virginia. Located along the Chesapeake Bay on the northeastern side of Norfolk, Virginia. The area is populated mostly by middle class, blue collar familes, watermen and the military. Because of its proximity to the largest naval base in the World, it has a reputation for minor crimes, drunkeness and boisterous partying. The now demolished Ocean View Amusement Park was featured in the movie, "Rollercoaster" (1977) and the made for TV movie, "The Death of Ocean View Park" (1979). The area is shunned by the weak and ridiculed by the ignorant. Local hotspots include Harrison's Pier, Greenies Restaurant, Thirsty Camel, and Mick's Pancake House. Unfortuanately all of the above hotspots have been purchased by Judy Boone Inc. and subsequently ruined. The people in the area are still great though.
Judy Boone ruined Ocean View. I can't wait for her OV empire to crash and burn after her idiot kids take control of it.
by jaybeeOV April 13, 2011

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A term used by prosecutors in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to describe when a decision is made to nolle pros or otherwise drop a criminal case that has little or no chance of leading to a conviction if the Defendant hires an attorney. Derived from the abbreviation of Anderson & Associates, a law firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia renowned for having criminal charges dismissed.
Commonwealth's Attorney: "You wouldn't believe the problems with this drug trafficking case I just got handed. I hope the Defendant doesn't hire an attorney or I'll have to A&A this one."
by JayBeeOV August 12, 2011

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Kick-ass law firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The firm has a reputation for outstanding legal services and reasonable fees. Traffic, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Wills and Trusts, FAA, you name it, they probably can handle it. Attorneys employed by the firm are renowned throughout the Hampton Roads area for their high acquittal rate, so much so that local prosecutors sometimes use the firm's initials, "A&A," when they decide to drop a particularly weak case.
Commonwealth's Attorney: "Just had to A&A that felony DUI case. We forgot to attach the Menendez-Diaz notice to the BAC certificate of analysis. The Defendant actually retained Anderson & Associates to represent him and I didn't want to give their attorney a chance to make me look like an idiot in front of the Judge."
by jaybeeOV August 12, 2011

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Pronunciation: ShEEn-U-ism. The act of adding "Sheen" to any word in the English language based upon the antics of Charlie Sheen.
by jaybeeOV April 13, 2011

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