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when one person buys an item and then resells the item back to the original seller at an inflated price within 24 hours
salesman #1: "did you see that..?"
salesman #2: "no, what happened?"
salesman #1: "that guy just sold us his car for $4,000 and i just sold it back to him for $6,000.. haha"
salesman #2: "nice nigerian buy-back.. classic!!"
by Jay2kay November 23, 2009
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when a woman is performing a hand job she shoots your load onto your stomach then proceeds to gather your juice into a line and snorts your cum like a line of cocaine.
last night mary treated herself to a cummy columbian!
by Jay2kay August 25, 2007
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one who causes multiple accidents on the road and ends up fucking everyone else trying to get to their destinations
Jay: WTF is going on here!!!
Ted: freakin' Slut driver!! runnin into people.. backin the roads up and fucking everybody!!!
by Jay2kay March 3, 2010
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