2 definitions by Jay Dot Holla Mane

Short for Druther's, the word Druther is a unique old old school slang term stated in a sentence indicating the person who is using the words thoughts at a given time.
TH: Yo Jer when you think they'll come out with a new Snowball Express?!

JH: I druther in about a year or two
by Jay Dot Holla Mane February 09, 2010
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A public request for a private freestyle session usually employed when in the company of others in a social gathering such as a club, a party, or gathering. The announcement of "Sidebar Spit" is for those who Spit or enjoy listening and is intended to prevent others outside the circle from interrupting the flow.
SG: Yo JDot get PB3... Sidebar Spit

JDot: Hannnnhhhh!
by Jay Dot Holla Mane October 25, 2009
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