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fearbot - Someone who soley acts and makes all choices based on fear, mainly from the powers that be, and employers. A coward that never questions authority on any level. Fearbots are often found in their natural habitat -- the office cubicle.
e.g., Look at that fearbot, waiting for the light to change even though the street is completely empty.
by Jason Robert Bell February 25, 2006

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A kind of Everyhuman archetype, we are all robotic primitives, viewing technology as an Arthur C. Clarke kind of magic, We howl and holler in front of the TV instead of the communal fire. We gaze longingly at the image of those most wanted consumer goods, instead of the image of beast to hunt.
He is such a Caveman Robot, he actually thinks that his computer "hates" him.
by Jason Robert Bell February 10, 2003

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trashsure - Any discarded object that is of dubious value could be either a piece of total crap or that missing "thing" that will finally make your life complete. To be a true trashsure, the object must be confusing as to its function or why someone would ever own the object and then throw it away in the first place.
Half Trash and Half Treasure.
e.g., Check out this hot pink plastic stuffed rhino-head, Shelley. Can you believe that someone threw this out. It's just the trashsure I need to complete my collection of ....
by Jason Robert Bell February 25, 2006

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