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Massive, overpriced off-road vehicle as endorsed by Krusty the Klown. Landcruisers, Range Rovers and Patrols all fit the bill. Rarely (if ever) taken off-road, but frequently seen dropping the kids off at school.
1. Mark bought a Canyonero, and its a Squirrel squashin' Deer smackin' driving machine.
2. I can no longer afford rent or food, now that Diesel has hit $1.30 a litre.
3. My sister was badly injured at a pedestrian crossing by the bullbar on some dudes Canyonero.
by Jason Beale November 18, 2005
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Slang term for a personal fabrication or repair task, carried out during work time and using the employers materials. Most often done as a favour for a friend or relative.
1. The barbeque I built at work was one sweet bodgy.
2. Can you do a bodgy for me? I need to get my oil changed and the steering looked at.
by Jason Beale November 08, 2005
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