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Keegan is a sweet kindhearted guy that will never fail to brighten your day he is the most caring person you will ever meet he also has the best sense of humour seriously you can barely listen to one sentence without laughing I love keegan he is an amazing who is also fullumptious love you your fucking great he is also someone who will hide there true intelligence and feelings leeving the girl who has a crush on him a little bit confused
Keegan is fiiine

Keegan is amazing
by Jarod_b3 July 18, 2019
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Caitlin is an amazing young girl she is kind and caring she is amazing at maths and science she has always been there for me and I wouldn't be hear if it weren't for her Caitlin O is an amazing g friend congrats on trip up science xx
Caitlin I will always think of you I know and I keep cheering for you even though you left South Africa I love you - jarod
by Jarod_b3 March 30, 2018
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