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The curly cord that connects the handset to the base of your telephone - providing you don't have a cordless phone.

Dirt cheap second hand lengths can be bought easily and are frequently used in bdsm.
I hog tied her with a cuple of lengths of Telephone Cord and she looked so good
by January Sales May 02, 2005
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My own trippy eyes, or eyes like mine. If you have a friend or partner with them you can stare into them until you feel like you are going to pass out. If you're stuck with them and don''t have any friends or a partner because you suck, use a mirror.
Girls: 'I was staring into his eyes and suddenly woke up naked in a kiddie pool full of vegemite with three midgets and a donkey - He's got hypno-eyes!'
by January Sales May 04, 2005
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