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The brother school of Louisville, and also of La Reina (top a lesser extent). Has a reputation of having the rich boys that either have IEPs or didn't get into Loyola. Most students wish they could date girls from their sister schools, but the Louisville teachers even tell thier students that Crespi "men" are losers, so the girls flock toward Loyola guys. Sorry Crespi.

Their education is notoriously bad, as is evidenced by the lack of proper grammar and spelling in their newspaper, The Celt.

Recent controversy at Crespi includes (but isn't limited to) the swine flu rumors and the Louisville news scare. The swine flu rumor fiasco involved faculty incorrectly reporting the closing of Louisville a few days before the Crespi prom, citing swine flu as the cause. Louisville (which ghained the name flueyville because of it's 11 h1n1 cases) was not closed, and the confusion in scheduling (several siblings created issues) resulted in a major upsurge in absentees the next day. Another issue stemmed from the Celt's piece on the Louisville winter formal, which was quite derogatory and included the description of Louisville students as "Boring and unattractive". The Louisville asb countered by boycotting the paper, and refusing to distribute it for several issues. The first issue that was passed out at Louisville afterward contained a love poem to all Louisville girls, but no mention of the fiasco was made until the final issue. Apparently, the Celt's editor had stopped editing after his college acceptance, and articles were slapped together on printing day. This might also have accounted for the mistakes and several unfinished or unpublished issues.
Crespi also has ugliest ever colors, and force Louisville/La Reina girls into brown and yellow cheer uniforms.
by Janet's Planets July 18, 2009
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