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gAyWOL noun/verb/expression/acronym

It means to disappear without anyone knowing where you are and whilst absent indulge in homosexual activities. It is really only applicable to heterosexual people but could possibly be adapted. straightWOL could become another expression!
gAyWOL is an expression 'coined' by Jamie (me) whilst on holiday with some friends. I suppose it could be used as a verb or an expression or just a sudo-acronym type of thing.

The expression/verb is a play on the USA Army acronym AWOL; Absent With Out Leave. gAyWOL being a similar bout absence but with the inclusion of some sort of gay experience.

It came into existence in Ibiza, Spain, on 24th July 2005. After a heavy day of clubbing on the white island we gathered in our villa's pool to piece together the previous days events. The conversation mainly centred around the whereabouts of Stuart. He went missing around 2am. We were very surprised to see him jump in the pool moments later and even more surprised as the first thing he said once surfaced was 'I ended up pulling some bloke last night'. My shocked face soon turned to disbelieving smile when he concluded 'I'm not taking drugs again'.

On repeating the story to the numerous people on the holiday the expression gAyWOL was used to quickly describe what had happened.

More of the story was later unravelled and needless to say Stuart assured us he would not be going gAyWOL again.
by Jamie Reynolds August 11, 2006

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