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She is the most beautiful girl I ever met, she’s funny, smart and amazing! All guys want to date her and all the girls love to be her friend, she is so perfect.

Give her love, food and care, she deserves it!!
- who is her?
- that’s morena! She’s the best!
by Jajdhduskndjsla January 25, 2018

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Sara is the sexiest girl, she has all the boys, and she is very perfect. She does not feel safe with her body but everyone knows she is a goddess. It is similar to a model of how beautiful it is. she is a diva. The people who hate Sara are because they are jealous of how beautiful they are. everyone wants to be like her: cute and with better personality! Sara is sweet and innocent, but take her out and you will be amazed. Fun and sexy, you would never guess Sara has a bit of dirty mind. She is adventurous if you know what I mean, but is still the classiest gal you could now.
Holy shit do you know that girl over there?

Oh, that's Sara. Extremely sexy yet classy, the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.

-How do you know a girl like Sara?

I used to date her, but I don't deserve a girl like her. I'll never get over loosing Sara.

-I'll say, shes fucking hot, but way out of my league.

Mine too
by Jajdhduskndjsla February 08, 2018

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