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The #1 best thing to yell in a school hallway.
The #1 producer of glitter
The biggest damn penis you can find
That boy is such a Unicorn Penis.
Where did you get so much glitter? From a unicorn penis.

How do Unicorn Penis' rob banks? They jizz glitter in the police officers eyes.
by Jajajajajajajahahajajaja January 02, 2014
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The "holy shit" machine.
curls hair perfectly after sucking it up into a barrel. Sounds scary? Its not. Unless you get your hair stuck. Curls all hair types except short (well no shit sherlock)
(picture this as a commercial)

Friend 1: Will you help me curl my hair?
Friend 2: But i don't own a curling iron.
Friend 1: thats ok. I have the mira curl. *Looks at camera and winks*
by Jajajajajajajahahajajaja December 31, 2013
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Noun: When a group of gingers take over the world and slowly kill off every person.

Noun: When you look at a ginger and simultaneously die.

Noun: The disease that enters into the non-existent soul of a ginger when he/she is born.

Noun: A demonic soul that replaces the original soul of a ginger.
Friend 1: Hey. Where did Madeline go? I haven't seen her today.
Friend 2: She looked a ginger dead in the eyes and died from Death by Ginger.
Friend 3: Yeah. I would know. I was that ginger. ha ha ha.
(Friend 1 and 2 simultaneously die)
by Jajajajajajajahahajajaja January 02, 2014
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