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1.(adj) disagreeable in any way, shape, or form.
2.(pn) someone or something having the capacity of stank.
3.(v) the act of being disagreeable or in some way obnoxious; ghetto.
4.(n) the process or idea of being stank.
5.(adv) in a non-fortuitous fashion, not pleasantly.
6.(int) showing surprise, anger, empathy, happiness, or arousal.
7.(prep) to be low on a scale of comparison, not the best.
8.(conj) replacing any other conjunction, it introduces a dependent or independent clause that is derogatory or unfriendly in nature.
1. Ugh, that girl's shoes are so stank, they make her cankles stand out.
2. Stank here doesn't want to go to the movies, he prefers to stay at home and masturbate.
3. Davante was stankin' so bad yesterday. He was acting like his Chrysler 300 was a Phantom, shiet.
4. You need to calm down, your stank is cramping my buzz.
5. Stankly, President Bush was re-elected in 2004.
6. You won $15 in the Scratch-Off Lottery? Stank!
7. I didn't like that new show on FOX last night, it was really stank on the ratings too.
8. LaFonda has nice teeth stank her breath is as bad as her credit score (this example shows its usage as "but").
by Jairo Tolentino January 23, 2009

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an affirmative statement used in direction to a close friend or significant other.
Lafonda: Youz gonna go to da store?
Antoine: Fo shangle muh nigga ho!
Lafonda: Aight, word.
by Jairo Tolentino April 21, 2008

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